Researchers and students are invited to the next VPOptics meeting. It will be held in Wroclaw, Poland at the Wroclaw University of Technology. It is scheduled for August and you will have the opportunity to see presentations and exhibits. You will also get to hear what some of the best speakers have to say about topics that include, innovative eye diagnostics, procedures that can help your correct vision issues, and all about retinal image quality.

The Location

Wroclaw is the capital of Silesia. It is the fourth largest city in Poland with more than 600,000 people and it is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. It is a city that has a lot of history and it can be traced back to thousands of years ago.

The fact that it has such a rich history makes it appealing for many. One cool fact about it is that it is a city that was once called, “They Holy Blossom of Europe”. This is because it has been a part of the Poles, owned by Australians, Germans, Czechs, and even Hungarians. It is a place that many people want to own and even more want to visit.

One thing that makes it great is the fact that it is a multicultural area that thrives. It is here that you will find students and professionals, but students do account for more than 130,000 of the overall population. This proves that it is a youthful city and therefore is exciting enough to appeal to all age groups.

Things to do Beyond VPOptics

Throughout the year there are a lot of things to do in Wroclaw. You can visit the River Oder, see flower and art festivals, tour museums, and so much more. It is a city of bright lights and beauty mixed with history.  You will also have the ability to see monuments, cathedrals, a medieval slaughterhouse, and a variety of clubs and bars. Thanks to its location along the Oder River, which branches out to form 12 islands, Wroclaw has more than 100 bridges and all of them are beautiful to see in their own rights.

Optics of A Long Range Scope Explained


long range scopesA lot of very avid hunters prefer to venture out into the woods using their long-range rifle so that they can avoid being noticed by wild animals. The thing is, it takes effort to be able to see a target that is a mile away, much less be able to hit it, unless you have the right scope to help you out. To get the most viewing range out of a scope though, you need to have a basic understanding of how they work and which ones are the best. Therefore, we have researched a lot of facts and numbers to put together all the information you need in one place. Are you ready to see the optics of a long range scope explained?

How Does a Long-Range Scope Work?

parallaxWhen you pick up a rifle that is capable of firing over a long distance, you will have a lot of different things to consider before firing. There are variables that you will have to take into consideration that will change where your bullet actually hit. You have to learn how to aim here to hit there, knowing that gravity will function no matter how fast the bullet travels forward. Other factors may also come into play. They include the weather, since heavy or moist air could make the bullet drop faster and whether the air is thin or not, as you may find in higher elevations. A reliable scope can help you get beyond the issues, but even with a scope, you need to be aware of the changes your bullet will go through as it travels and how to set up your scope to function properly.

Scopes and Long-Range Viewing

magnificationOne of the biggest things you will have issues with on a long range scope is the parallax knob. It isn’t so much a difficult thing to use as it is confusing for many who want to aim at targets that are long distances away. Figuring it out could increase your success rate because the parallax puts your focal plane off from the reticle. However, it does not change the focus or the reticle. It simply helps you to adjust your gaze and if the reticle seems to move when you shift your gaze, it needs to be adjusted. If it is adjusted properly for your target area, the reticle will appear to be locked into place on the target, as if it is a part of the target. Scopes also allow you to adjust the height and stuff that make it easier for you to hit your target area. If you are looking for a good, scope you may consider taking a look at a list of the best long range rifle scopes for the money on Long Range Scopes.

Do You Really Need That Scope?

Scopes are beneficial for long range target shooting and hunting at distances. To know whether you need one scope in particular or not, you must also understand that some scopes have a limit to their “sight” distance. One example is that a 3.5x will allow you to see in wooded areas and a 10x will allow you to see for distances up to around 400 yards. If you have a 25x, you will be able to view further away, but if your deer is at 100 yards, you will only be able to see their face. This means that if they move, you may miss your shot. Some scopes will be higher or lower rated and you will have to figure out what may work best for you before you purchase.

Optical Illusion or An Epoxy Solution


paper weightMost people feel that optical illusions are enjoyable to see. They are designed to trick your mind into seeing things from a new perspective. There are items that look like one thing to you, but may look like something completely different to another person. There are now people who are achieving the same thing in a way, without even trying and it makes us ask whether it is an optical illusion or an epoxy solution.

What Does Epoxy Do?

epoxy tableMany DIY projects can make great use of epoxy. If done properly, it can take on the look of an optical illusion to some people who are viewing it. This is because many people use it to encapsulate certain things that they cherish. They may take a photo that a child has drawn or a sea shell and once the project is complete; the results can sometimes be astounding.

How It Works

epoxy optical illusionsIf you think of a sea shell and you put it into a mold with epoxy, you may not imagine what it will look like when you remove the mold. However, as the epoxy cures dry, it becomes clear. The bubbles will leave it and all that will be left behind is a clear epoxy coating and the shell, which now appears to float in the air. The same thing can be done to virtually everything. There are people who encapsulate leaves, small statues, and anything else that will not be damaged by an epoxy mixture that is still more a liquid than a solid.

If epoxy is something that you are intrigued by, as most people are, you can visit http://epoxycountertopdiy.com and learn more about it. Through here you can learn about what it is, how to use it the right way to achieve the stuff you want to create, and more. It is here that you can improve the techniques that you have already started trying to use when creating new projects.

What Will You Create?

epoxy floorsBy using epoxy resin you can create scenes that look very realistic. With a little imagination and effort, you can turn an ordinary coffee table into something truly amazing. There are people who use it to encapsulate bottle caps, pennies, shells, and photos. They use it to create a collage of items that they value. There are those who use it to create full oceanic scenes, which may be complete with items that you would find in the ocean, even things along the ocean floor. If you have already been creating unique items with epoxy, you can branch out even further to use colored epoxy on your floor where some people also create scenes from a beach and give the illusion of moving water, sand, and waves.

With epoxy, it is easy to create an optical illusion and every illusion can become more realistic. All you have to do is come up with a project idea and practice a little to get started creating your own masterpieces.

Optician’s Tools of The Trade


optician tools

Refractors Eyes are important to everyone. Without being able to see the world clearly, people may miss out on the true beauty of the world around them. That is why optics is such an important profession for people to get into. The opticians of today are the vision specialists of tomorrow. They are the people who will ensure that everyone sees clearly enough to watch television, drive a car, read a book, and more. However, they are not able to do their job if they do not have the right optician’s tools of the trade to rely on.

Optician Requirements

An optician should be able to work efficiently in a variety of aspects. They should be good at science and math. They should be great with people and have excellent communication skills. They should be able to work well within a group and the ability to work with a variety of ophthalmic instruments. They should also show skills when it comes to working with their hands and be able to pay close attention to details.

They may be required to work quickly with both customers and other opticians. They have to be very precise and get their job done properly, no matter what time constraints are upon them. It is a career that is very rewarding, because you are helping people of all ages see the world as it was meant to be seen.

The Instruments Required

optician at workAll of these skills are vital to the success of an optician since their job description will cover a lot more than glasses and lenses. Most opticians are responsible for building glasses in every way. They are also the people who give eye exams to see if a person needs glasses. This means that they must work with small tweezers, make holes using rivets, create bevels, use an optician’s anvil, optometry lenses, and more. They can replace hinges, nose pads, and all other parts of a pair of glasses. Due to the fact that there are so many small tools that are needed, you may notice that some opticians carry around multi tools you can see more like these online. They are ideal for the really small screws that hold glasses together. They use them because multi tools are very versatile and easy to access within the office when repairs are often done quickly.

Do You Have Everything You Need?

optician toolsIf you are new to the profession, you will need to make sure that you have everything you need. If you are simply exploring your options and may want to consider working in this field, you need to practice make ensure that you have steady enough hands for the job. Eyes are very delicate. Glasses and lenses are also very delicate. Without steady hands and an ability to see small things on your own, you will not be successful and you may want to consider another career choice. If you are able to hold steady, but are not able to work closely with clients, you may want to consider another career. You will also need to consider the amount of school that comes along with becoming an optician. Often it isn’t a lot, but it is one of the many tools you will need.

Eyes Are the Key to Success


eye exams

As a person, your eyes are probably not something that you think about very often. We take them for granted. Either we can see clearly or we cannot. Many people with only slight issues with their eyesight, may not even realize that they are not seeing the things that they should be able to. There are ophthalmologists who dedicate their life to helping others see the things that are important. This is because they know that eyes are the key to success for everyone.

The Importance of Eyes


Eyes allow you to read the books you want to read. They allow you to watch television, see different colors, and more. They are one of the five senses that we depend on for survival. Without eyes, writers would have a harder time writing, artists would have a harder time drawer or painting, and most all of our jobs would not be available if we were unable to see what we needed to do. This isn’t to say that there are not people who cannot succeed without their eyesight. It just makes things harder, especially if the person suddenly loses their sight. Losing it suddenly can make it difficult to get dressed without help, walk around your home, and do the things that you once loved to do. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of your eyes, because as we age; we all lose a little of the sight that we once had.

Caring for Your Eyes

healthy food for eyesSome of the best things that you can do for your eyes include eating well, wearing sunglasses when outdoors or safety goggles when at work, and taking time away from the computer screen, because it can cause your eyes to lose focus. You should also stop smoking since people who smoke run a higher risk of developing cataracts. Smoking may also damage optic nerves and promote macular degeneration. If you feel that your eyes are not working as well today as they did when you were younger, you can visit your eye doctor to see what is going on. The same is true if you are working outdoors and feel that your eye got scratched by some type of debris, even with your goggles in place. Contact your doctor if you experience a lot of itchiness or frequent Stys, since they may be able to help you with a solution. Avoiding eye strain is also a good idea.

Eyes Make Successful People

eye examsCan you think of a job that does not require a person to be able to see? Teachers couldn’t teach if they were unable to see clearly. Pilots would be unable to fly worldwide, truck drivers would be unable to drive to make deliveries on time, and even plumbers in Inverness would fall short of success if they couldn’t see. So many things would be different in your life without eyes to help you through. Isn’t it time that you make the change and start doing things that will benefit your eyes rather than damage them? For advice on doing so, you simply need to talk to your eye doctor and they will get to work helping you.