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Optician’s Tools of The Trade


optician tools

Eyes are important to everyone. Without being able to see the world clearly, people may miss out on the true beauty of the world around them. That is why optics is such an important profession for people to get into. The opticians of today are the vision specialists of tomorrow. They are the people who […]

Eyes Are the Key to Success


eye exams

As a person, your eyes are probably not something that you think about very often. We take them for granted. Either we can see clearly or we cannot. Many people with only slight issues with their eyesight, may not even realize that they are not seeing the things that they should be able to. There […]



Researchers and students are invited to the next VPOptics meeting. It will be held in Wroclaw, Poland at the Wroclaw University of Technology. It is scheduled for August and you will have the opportunity to see presentations and exhibits. You will also get to hear what some of the best speakers have to say about […]

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