Optical Illusion or An Epoxy Solution


paper weightMost people feel that optical illusions are enjoyable to see. They are designed to trick your mind into seeing things from a new perspective. There are items that look like one thing to you, but may look like something completely different to another person. There are now people who are achieving the same thing in a way, without even trying and it makes us ask whether it is an optical illusion or an epoxy solution.

What Does Epoxy Do?

epoxy tableMany DIY projects can make great use of epoxy. If done properly, it can take on the look of an optical illusion to some people who are viewing it. This is because many people use it to encapsulate certain things that they cherish. They may take a photo that a child has drawn or a sea shell and once the project is complete; the results can sometimes be astounding.

How It Works

epoxy optical illusionsIf you think of a sea shell and you put it into a mold with epoxy, you may not imagine what it will look like when you remove the mold. However, as the epoxy cures dry, it becomes clear. The bubbles will leave it and all that will be left behind is a clear epoxy coating and the shell, which now appears to float in the air. The same thing can be done to virtually everything. There are people who encapsulate leaves, small statues, and anything else that will not be damaged by an epoxy mixture that is still more a liquid than a solid.

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What Will You Create?

epoxy floorsBy using epoxy resin you can create scenes that look very realistic. With a little imagination and effort, you can turn an ordinary coffee table into something truly amazing. There are people who use it to encapsulate bottle caps, pennies, shells, and photos. They use it to create a collage of items that they value. There are those who use it to create full oceanic scenes, which may be complete with items that you would find in the ocean, even things along the ocean floor. If you have already been creating unique items with epoxy, you can branch out even further to use colored epoxy on your floor where some people also create scenes from a beach and give the illusion of moving water, sand, and waves.

With epoxy, it is easy to create an optical illusion and every illusion can become more realistic. All you have to do is come up with a project idea and practice a little to get started creating your own masterpieces.